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rohan islam

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Bangladesh cricket bangladesh cricket.
No doubt cricket of bd team has been improving 5 or 6 years dramaticall. in recent time we have  achieved so many wonerful moments. we beat some of the strong nations who are dominating the cricket world such as, India ,SouthAfrica and Pakistan also. that is a sign of a good team who can beat strongrst opponent at consistence basis. we acheived most of our success in our backyeard. we are quite strong at home. but wehen we are going to play abroad we have trouble of defeating them. Yes condition is a massive fact to win a game abroad, but if we look back the last couple of matck in NewZealand we have seen that bd team played well below than their actual performance. To me a successful team always show their capabilities in given conditions. Bangladesh is required to do this. No matter what conditions you are playing in, all you you need to do is earn respect from opposite team. win or lose is not the actual point! 
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